Reflection: Neighbourhood project

15.11.18 - Thursday

I've been paired with a korean girl and we made our research in Finsbury Park. We first sat down and talked about our culture swap research. The main interesting thing is that she grew up next to Seoul and was hit her went she got in London was the numerous amount of green spaces. I'm her opposite. i grew up in the country side of Switzerland in the middle of nowhere. As we hade to research in a park I thought that the best was to head in that direction in my research. So I concentrated myself on the contrast between nature, organic shapes and industrial and geometric shapes. 

I could have done more drawings and photographs but I think I'm going in the right direction for this project. 


21.11.18 - Wednesday

As we didn't received any instruction I just kept going with my design development. I like the design so far but I really need to go further in my reflection. I think I need to draw more.

26.11.18 - Monday

Today we met in King's Cross to create a giant chromatic line with the wasted plastic with brought. I got the colour green on which I did some research this weekend but focusing on an automn palette to fit the narrative of my design. The activities in the morning were fun to do but I don't really get if the tutors want us to use the colour stories nad the sketches we did this morning directly in the project. I took it more like an exercise to understand better how colours work together and used this knoledge in an more indirect way in my project. But in the end I already had green in my first colour palette and the colours I combined with it were already working well and fit my narrative. 

In the afteroon we made a sculpture out of our pieces of plastic. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do because I was trying to imagine what the sculpture would look like even before I touched the plastic. When I realized that I started making without knowing where it would bring me and it suddenly became easier and I'm happy of how the sculpture turned out. 

19.11.18 - Monday

Today we hade two workshops. Armknitting and macramé as well as a  silouhette workshop. I think it has been a great day. The arm knitting fits perfectly my concept of organic shapes and the silouhette one with the wooden sticks suits the geometric vibe I'm going for. 

I'm really happy of how the work is evolving. The collaboration (in pair or in bigger groupes) went well. I feel like everybody has been able to give their opinions and ideas. The down side is maybe that the outcome (for the group work) went a bit messy because of the time limit everyone made things by they own without looking too much at the overall. But that's maybe what gave it's interest to the outcome and created somethig that nobody would hae expected. For me at least, I have an aesthetic quite minimalistic and clean so this messy side of the work will help me to create the organic part of the final design. My peers helped me going out of my confort zone but I've also been able to help them especially for the knit workshop as I already had some basic knoledge odf knitting. 


27.11.18 -Tuesday

We spent the whole day making samples. Honestly it has been a tough day. I'm really not happy with the samples that I made. There's only one that I don't thonk is too bad but I's still really unsatisfied with the poor work i did. The colours don't work with my design narrative, the samples are quite poorly made i could have spend more time making them look good and I don't think that i will use them for my final design beside the first one that i'm kind of happy about.

28.11.18 - Wednesday

Today I finished my last sample that I didn't completed yesterday and made some design development. Now that I'm working with clear head without my bad mood from yesterday, I think that what I did wasn't that bad. The realization is still crappy but the shapes and textures are good nd relevent to my project guideline (organic vs industrial and autumn feels). 

20.11.18 - Tuesday

Today we worked on pockets. To be honest the day went pretty bad. I didn't do enought research on the previous day and I didn't have any internet access from the classroom. I ended up loosing a lot of time printing out from the basment. The positive point is that i'm happy with the end of the day where I began my design development adding pockets. i'm happy with the silouhette (from Monday's workshop) and I'm now satisfied with the geometric and minimalist pockets I added. 

22.11.18 - Thursday

Today me had a geometric workshop. It has been really useful and I enjoyed it a lot. Even if I was going for a minimalist concept I felt like my design was too simple so I used the outcome of the workshop to find some interesting shapes to incorporate in my design. 

I really enjoyed working with my peers today. Our mind went along really well.

What I want to do next is to mix the minimalist concept with teh organic shapes to create an interesting contrast and stick to my initial concept.


29.11.18 - Thursday

This morning I carried on with my design development in my sketch book. I didn't do any separate development sheets because I still haven't figured out how I want my design to evolve. I feel I miss something to create good line ups. 

Looking at other students work was really helpful. I feel like I finally understood how I need to work in my sketch book and I can't wait to begin a new project so I can experiment with a cleaner sketch book because by now all my sketch book are either weak or a big mess. What I want to improve for the next sketchbook is the layout. I feel like everybody made some very conscious choices when it comes to the lay outs in the sketchbook when I just put everything in it without thinking about any aesthetic at all. I want collage more as well to connect better my research and my development. I relate a lot on drawing and I may look a bit flat.

During the critical what came most was that my sketchbook had a lake of 3D elements as samples and textures. I need to play with scales as well and carry my research with a bit more depth (which would be the case if I experimented more with collage).