Reflection: Curate Project

03.12.18 - Monday

Today we worked on the layouts for the portfolio. We used the public art project as exercise. 

What I would need to do I I were to actually make those portfolio sheets (which maybe I will) would be to add more research not only for shapes but for colours as well and to create a real story because right now the project is quite flat, there's no depth in the research. I would do more draping on the body as well and not stop to my sample. I would need to make more design development as well based on this deeper research (still considering the original shape tho). 

06.12.18 - Thursday

Even if I didn't have any layouts to show during the critical it has been really instructive to see what the other did and to listen to Chris' critics. Now I'm more confident on what I need to do and I visualise more how the portfolio sheets should look like. 

04.12.18 - Tuesday

I spent most of my day trying to bring my neighbourhood project further and I think I quite succedded. I extracted shapes from my research still concidering the narrative of my work. I also worked on my figures drawing for the line up.

05.12.18 - Wednesday

I went to John Booth's illustration class, and to be honest it made me quite confused. Now I don't know id my figures drawing are good or if need to re-work on it. I like what I did on the class but I don't really feel like I suits my style completely. I need to experiment more and maybe combine my current figure's style with what I did during the class because despite what I said I think my figures are quite stiff and want to make them more natural.