Lanyard Project: Reflection


Today i went to the library to do some primary research. 

I wanted to look for book on the history of Swiss fashion because it's where i wanted my project to go. The notion of identity and espectially primary identity, is going to be the main focus of the project. But I didn't find anything really interesting so i looked up on internet. But it seems that the swiss fashion has always been heavily influenced by the parisian fashion. I ended up finding some nformation about swiss sex workers in the 16th century that wore special yellow caps so they wouldn't get mixed up with the "respectable" people. Then I began to read article about prostitution the the age in central Europe. My research wasn't really going anywhere so I gave up for today. 


Today I asked peope what they first thought about me, their assumptions. And the I did some research about the look itself, the eye and the absence of look/eyes, etc. I don't have much time left and I forgot all the sketches i did in Switzerland, meaning I'll need to redo eveything.


Chris' crit was useful today. He helped me see where to develop my sketchbook, it's such a shame that I didn't put myself into this work. Even if I don't have much to work I found a design i was quite happy about. Acctually it's the quite the design itself whih is a bit poor but the concept behind it is relatively good. If I retake this work in the future I might keep this concept of the armour that does not protect, or protect in an antithetical way. 


Today I went to an the museum of art and history of Geneva. There was an exhibition about Hodler who has been a quite well known painter during the 17th century within Switzerland. He painted a few war scenes and portraits of swiss soldiers that I found really interesting. Then I saw a room where the museum was collecting european armours and there were a few swiss ones. I documented that so  can see what to do with it. 


Today I received the book of the "Space out Project" which is a exhibition space provided for young artists created by the swiss artist Maeva Rosset. I had the chance to exhibit my work "Take a look" for two months this summer by winning a contest. The work had to be created for the window where it would be presented. I work on the reflection theme and played with the normal use of a shop window while continuing or push an older project. So my main focus was about the "LOOK". The fact that you can't ever escape from others look and from your own look on yourself. 

i think that might be a good direction to head to. 


I don't have any personal connection with armours, I've never been especially passioned about it or anything so it's quite hard to find inspiration from it. I should find something I do care about and see how I can connect the two together.


Wnt to the library to do some research about artist treating the theme of identity and especially gender identity which is what i want to focus on. it helped me see clearer what I want to do for this project.


Today I work in the sketch book, doing some layout with the primary research I did. 


Honestly, it won't be my best work, but not because I didn't know how to do it: because I didn't put that much effort in it. I didn't invovled myself into the project as much as i should have. I probably will need to redo this project for the BA application in April.