Denim Project: Reflection


I went to the library to do some basic primary research on denim but all the books had already been taken by other people. So I did my research on the internet first. 

I'm really excited about this project, it inspires me a quite a lot and one of the first thing that came to my mind during the tutorial was my dad's DIYed  distressed jeans. He once told me that when he was young he used to step on his jeans, roll over them, cut them or even attach them to his motorcycle and drag them over the city's road. 

So I wanted to know how distress jeans are made in the fashion industry.  There's many ways but one caught my attention: sandblasting. It's a techinque used mostly in the fast fashion industry and can be dangerous if done in bad conditions. 

I think this is a very interesing subject to research more on.


Today  began to think about some designs. I tryed to convert the shapes I got from the paper drapping into actual clothing items. 

So far what I like the most in my work are the samples which i think are good and relevant to my theme. So I'm trying to think about those textile sample while doing my design development which I find quite difficulte as I'm not really good with textures and visualise textiles. 


The main feedback that i got from today's crit is that my layouts aren't clear enought. I should be more explicit and explain visualy of by adding some notes what my theme is. And i get it I'll try to make it cleared. 


Today I layyed out some sketchbook pages with the research I did so far I think this is the best layouts i've ever done in this course. i'm really hopefull for this project to be a good one.


Today I had my portfolio interview which has been super helpful. I won't be presenting any portfolio in London so I have until April to do it but I think that it has actually been even more useful for my sketchbook and my denim project. I exactly know what i want to do next. I need to redo some parts of my layout and I want to change a pages order as well but this afternoon I prefered to do some portfolio pages even if don't need them yet so I'm sure not to forget how to do it and Chris' advices. 

Chris told me that I work too slowely which is true so I'll try to work faster this week. I want to have some designs by Sunday.


I continued to work on design development but I'm beginning to feel a bit lost. I don't really know how to push my project further and i'm afraid I'm staying on the surface of my subject. Tomorrow I'll reach out to a tutor to help me.


Today I finished my design development as well as all my layouts. 

Overall i'm satisfied with my project even if the research could have had more depth to it.


Today I redid all the sketchbook pages that I had already done. I want them to be really good do I spent the day on the three first pages.


Today everything went well. I continued to do some research, trying to find artists related to my theme.


Did some layouts and some drapping today. I'm not a 100% sure if the drapping was good, or well used. I guess I'll see tomorrow.


I tryed to speack to a tutor but they were quite busy with people preparing portfolios and I then I got anxious about talking to them. Social anxieties always come at the worst moment. 

So in the end I worked on colours today and I'm really satisfied. for the rest ill wait the crit feedbacks as I don't need to finish the project for the portfolio i have some time left.


Today I did some dyeing and bleaching experients that went very well. And I hand-sewed the garnment. 


I finished my garnment today. I happy with the result and I might do a bottom as well in the future.